Voyager vst download

Voyager vst

The Voyager PlugSE links the analog sound and power of your Minimoog Voyager Works with audio software that supports VST or AudioUnits (AU) plug- ins. Voyager is a free Wavetable synth plug-in developed by Arguru Software. used as insert effect if your VST host supports it); Stereo Chorus and Echo FX units. Voyager is a four oscillator subtractive synth. 4 Band limited oscillators (mipmapped wavetable) with Hard Sync/FM capable and "mirror" oscillator in each one to create PWM effects. Band stereo vocoder (Can be used as insert effect if your VST host supports it).

Half a dozen great ways to put the sound of the classic synth in your DAW. Moog Voyager Editing Software Downloads Mail: [email protected] Moog (VST or AudioUnits) and will control all of the functions found on the Voyager. I have a Voyager (sadly no Model D), and the Mini VÕs sound really surprised me. The soft clipping switch is great; the fact that you can feed the headphone.

Robert Moog was principle designer of the Minimoog Voyager, the instrument that .