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PADI eRDPML Electronic Recreational Dive Planner Training Materials for Scuba. Padi Recreational Dive Planner Table With Instuctions. I called three times and finally got a nice young man who told me that my PADI eRDP was probably sent "yesterday.". Get ready for easy, electronic multilevel dive planning with the arrival of the new eRDPML. Like its predecessor, the eRDP, the eRDPML is not a dive computer, but an electronic dive table that allows you to plan single depth and multilevel dives. While the first generation eRDP. We'll answer the following questions: • What is the eRDP? • We'll discuss what it is and what it's not. • What can the eRDP do? • We'll identify all the eRDP.

RDP and eRDP two methods in case failure of dive computer. PADI eRDP™ML Touch Now Available. T si_erdp he eRDPML Touch is a version of the eRDPML that divers can use to plan single and. The eRDPML Multi-Level Electronic Recreational Dive Planner from PADI allows you to plan single depth and multilevel dives and reduces potential errors in.

The eRDPML is the second generation of the eRDP, which was the world's first electronic dive table. Like its predecessor, the eRDPML is a version of the world's . 6 definitions of ERDP. Meaning of ERDP. What does ERDP stand for? ERDP abbreviation. Define ERDP at ERDP ML - electronic version, this planner can also be used to plan multilevel dives. RDP - "paper" version, plastic table with instructions (can be used.